SISB have been organising residential field trips for students for the past six years in different parts of Thailand. ​This year, the Chiangmai campus will join in this fantastic tradition.​ Educational visits provide valuable opportunities which can enrich students’ learning across a wide range of both curricular and extracurricular areas. Outdoor education contributes to the total education of students in many ways. All Residential Field Trips offer students the opportunity to bond with their peers and their teachers beyond the classroom and to experience real field situations. 

Residential Field Trips provide: 
- an important vehicle for personal and social development of students by using the challenges and group co-operation aspects of the activities to help foster personal development. This will be achieved through a variety of team games and challenges, using the residential element to explore the realities of social living in a group​.​ 

- an insight into various ​fun​ activities, which by virtue of their make-up, allow adventure to be accepted at an individual level and thereby provides a recreation activity which may be pursued in later life or by providing the basis of a career in the future​.​

- a vehicle for understanding ​​and development of environmental education which is recognised as a cross curricular theme in its own right. 

​- a way to immerse in a way of life very different to what they are used to and contribute to a community.​